My New Hero

There are a lot more heroes in this world than are given credit. Every day people doing extraordinary things.

I have a new hero – a new person that I admire.

CBG’s dad.

This past weekend we spent New Year’s Eve with CBG’s parents. As both CBG and I have mentioned, his mom is going through a really rough time right now, battling cancer. Her health is failing, and unfortunately, she wasn’t having a very good weekend while we were there.

Through it all, CBG’s dad was amazing. Attending to his wife’s every need, cooking, hosting a houseful of energetic kids, spoiling me and my girls…the man was constantly go, go, go all weekend long. Beyond that, most of the time (and considering the difficult circumstances) he did pretty much everything with a smile on his face.

I know that it is difficult for him. It has to be. But he is approaching this with the attitude of, “Well, somebody’s gotta do it.”

I don’t admire him for his strength of character or his ability to slap on a smile during this extremely difficult and exhausting time. I don’t admire him for how warmly he’s welcomed my girls and I into his family. I admire him for the love that he still so obviously has for his wife. It’s not just any love that includes accompanying your ailing wife to the bathroom because she’s unable to get there on her own.

THAT is love….and that’s what it means to love someone through the most difficult of times.

* * * * *

Please send prayers, positive thoughts, and healing vibes for CBG’s mom. She needs them.

Also? If you’ve got any extra, send a few CBG’s way, too. He’s going through a really rough time with this right now.

10 Responses

  1. Awwww! That’s way awesome. Definitely sending prayers.

  2. Lovely. That’s the kind of love/life I want someday…just without the test of it if possible. Prayers!!

  3. Sending prayers from across the Atlantic.

  4. I got chills. Very moving. Sending positive vibes to CBG’s mom and family!

  5. Sniff. that is so so so awesome. The light she really probably needs most right now. that you all need.

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