My Favourite Christmas Moments

Christmas Day with my girls, CBG and Ankle Biter was everything that I hoped for it to be. In many ways, we are still finding our way as a long distance family, but I am learning that patience and acceptance go a long way in this process. Acceptance that this is how things are for us right now, and patience knowing that it’s not always going to be like this, and it’s not always going to be so challenging.

Christmas this year held so many wonderful moments. Moments like:

– Waking up with my wonderful man on Christmas morning.

– Having all three children jumping in our bed at 5:15 am demanding to open presents.

– Seeing the kids’ faces light up at all the presents under the tree.

– Kiddo declaring it to be “THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!:

– Little Mo giving Ankle Biter one of her brand new Zhu Zhu pets after seeing how much he seemed to like them.

– Getting a phone call from Rugrat on Christmas morning, wishing us Merry Christmas and thanking us for the presents we sent.

– Having Christmas dinner with CBG’s parents, who I genuinely like and enjoy being around.

– Falling asleep in my man’s arms on Christmas night.

The best part of all was simply being able to enjoy what we’ve got, right now. Sure…in the grand scheme of things, compared to what some families get, our day was far from ideal. But considering what we do have, it was about as damn close to perfect as we’re going to get at this point.

And that’s good enough for me.

3 Responses

  1. Aww! Just saw CBG’s blog post in pictures, loved that, combined with your post. Simply perfect. So glad you had such a great holiday! You deserve it!

  2. Beautiful. I’m so happy for you. I think you captured it perfectly!

  3. So happy for you! I’m glad you had such a great Christmas. You and your family certainly deserved it.

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