Enjoying What We’ve Got

I’m still constantly amazed by how much my girls teach me. Being a mom has been the greatest set of life lessons I’ve ever experienced. I always knew that being a mom would make me wiser, but I really didn’t anticipate just how freaking smart and thoughtful my children would actually be.

Then again they do have me as a mom. heh.

Yesterday afternoon was pretty busy for the girls and I. All three of us had back to back dentist appointments (I have the most awesome dentist in the world AND I have a huge crush on him. But that’s another blog post entirely. heh). We managed to get home a whole hour earlier than our usual time. I can’t even begin to explain how much better that additional hour made our evening. As the girls and I were sitting down to dinner at a decent time I lamented to my girls, “I really wish we got home at this time every night.”

My lovely seven year old piped up with, “You know what, mommy? I think we should just relax and enjoy what we’ve got.”

Relax. Enjoy what we’ve got. So simple, and yet so profound. And one of the very lessons that I’m working so hard on these days….letting go of worrying about what I don’t have, so I can appreciate what I do.

She’s one smart kid….and she’s absolutely right. It was just the reminder that I needed. This will be my mantra for the Christmas holidays this year: Enjoy what we’ve got.

7 Responses

  1. Wow–she is a smart cookie! I’m trying to remember that myself these days.

  2. Okay, seriously, you have the most amazing kids! That’s very wise.

  3. That is awesome. Your girls are so well raised. You should be extremely proud 🙂

  4. I love it. Kids are pretty damn close to genius, aren’t they?

  5. This post reminded me of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GEzSQOhS40

    Speaking of having a crush on your dentist, I once chased after an Italian girl who told me she’d never been interested in dating anyone, but that she did have a crush on her dentist! I wondered, “What does her dentist have that I don’t? Does she love the way he says, ‘Spit!'”

    • It’s funny…it’s not even like my dentist is particularly attractive (he’s just a “regular” guy). But he’s just really sweet and thoughtful when it comes to his dentristry, I’m sure he’d be the same in *ahem* other areas of life.


  6. Wow, so profound.

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