When Life Gets Tough

I think likely the worst thing about being in a long distance relationship is not being able to be there for your partner when life gets really difficult. Sure, it sucks missing out on the happy moments a lot, too, but it’s when my man is upset, stressed out, needing help and just plain hurting that I feel the worst about not being able to be there for him.

Things with CBG’s mom aren’t looking great. It’s extra tough for him this week, since he’s living with his parents until Friday, when he moves into his new place. His parents are understandably upset and stressed out over some concerning news they got yesterday regarding her health. It’s up to CBG to “be the strong one” for his folks right now. And honestly, I just worry about him.

I know that I am “here” for him. I can listen and offer all the words that I have. But I know that nothing takes the place of hug when life is most stressful. There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless when the person you love is going through hard times.

So today, right now, this long distance relationship is really, really tough.

Please send out love and prayers for everyone, okay?

6 Responses

  1. Oh no…. always sending love to you both.

    Being there for him is what he needs.

  2. Please send out love and prayers for everyone, okay?

    Done and done.

    I know it’s hard that he’s so far away, but that doesn’t mean you’re not “able to be there for him.” Your presence in his life helps him tremendously. Save up all the hugs and give them to him next time you’re together.

    Take care and good luck!

  3. Of course, will do. I’m so sorry to hear that.

  4. Absolutely. I’m sorry to hear it as well. You two have such a sweet relationship.

  5. Lots of love to them all and you.

  6. I’m so sorry for CBG, I’ll send up a little prayer for his family.

    That LDR is tough…

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