How I Know I Have the Best Girls Ever

So it looks as though (weather permitting) CBG and Ankle Biter will be waking up on Christmas morning with my girls and I. I’m honestly surprised that were actually able to make this work out. Being a long distance couple is difficult enough…but being a long distance family makes it all even tougher.

Because at this point, that’s what we are, aren’t we? A long-distance family. We’ve got CBG and Ankle Biter in their city, us in ours, and hell, Rugrat halfway across the country with her family.  It’s not easy making it all work.

I sat down with my girls recently, and told them that CBG and Ankle Biter would be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us. They were very happy and excited at this prospect. I also explained to them that since this basically meant that I have another child for Christmas this year, that the presents I’m getting are now going to have to be spread over three kids, instead of just two. The result? A few less gifts for them.

And then I got to experience one of those “prouder than proud” moments as a mom when my girls didn’t bat an eye at hearing this and immediately said, “That seems fair, mommy. Besides, we always get lots of gifts anyhow.” And that, my friends, is proof positive that I’m doing something right. It’s good to have that confirmation.

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a very merry Christmas with the Sunshine-CBG family.

4 Responses

  1. Awww…your girls sound amazing. Heartwarming!

  2. You are a very lucky lady!

  3. Wow, your girls are amazing! you have raised them so well. So happy for you that you get to spend the holiday together too. you deserve it!

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