Why I WON’T be posting a cartoon character on Facebook

Warning: Rant to Follow. This is not directed at anyone in particular…it’s just something that’s gotten me fired up today, and I feel the need to sound off.

The newest thing flooding Facebook is this whole “change your profile picture to show that you’re against child abuse” nonsense,

You know what? I think it’s stupid.

There – I said it. Let the crucifixion begin.

But before you DO crucify me, let me explain why.

My main objection is that this actually accomplishes nothing. Sure, it’s great to make the statement that we’re against child abuse (what decent human being isn’t?) but changing your Facebook profile picture does absolutely nothing. Nothing! Oh wait – it does one thing – it gives the person doing it the sense that they’re contributing in some way when they actually have done nothing. I know childhood abuse survivors, and I actually think that this campaign is pretty insulting.

Let’s not forget that this whole “cartoon character thing” started WEEKS ago. And very few of my several hundred Facebook friends were participating. And suddenly, once “child abuse” got attached to it, now it’s catching on? For what purpose? To feel like you’re a part of something?

Instead of changing my Facebook profile picture, today I made a modest online contribution to a local shelter for abused women and children who need emergency help. Sadly, there are organizations like this all over the place. You can bet your butt that donations like money, food and used clothing  and toys are going to mean a whole lot more to these women and children than a bunch of cartoon faces on Facebook.

Interestingly enough, after a public Facebook debate with an old high school friend of mine, he pledged that for every one of his Facebook friends that actually change their profile picture, he will donate one dollar to this same charity. He has well over 400 friends on his list, so this could amount to a rather generous donation on his part. I’m looking forward to seeing how much money he’s able to raise. Someone else pointed out that because of this, perhaps this changing-profile-pics thing is actually going to have an actual positive effect after all.

As for me, I’m still not changing my profile picture. But I will be adding this charity to my list of those that I regularly donate to.

I wonder what everyone else is doing besides googling 80s cartoon characters? It’s all well and good to say that we support these various causes, but it’s even more important to actually do something constructive.

15 Responses

  1. I TOTALLY agree with you! I would much rather give some money to charity and actually achieve something than change my profile picture to a cartoon!

    Changing the profile picture to a cartoon is completely non-constructive. If everyone who had changed their profile picture gave even just 50p each to the NSPCC, it would actually make a difference,much more so than the mere changing of a voidless image on Facebook!

  2. I changed my profile picture to Pebbles. I don’t think it’s doing nothing. It’s not giving money, but it’s a reminder to go and donate. (like it reminded you) It’s a way of showing support if you can’t afford to donate.
    I think, no matter how cheesy it may seem, every small thing is doing something.
    I see no reason to judge other people because they take part. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. No-one will judge you.

  3. AMEN!! Sure, it’s a sign you care, on FB, by doing it, by why not just make a donation instead. Totally with you on that.

  4. Thank you for writing this!

  5. nice start… gonna follow u often. Big Hug!!!!!!!

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alltop Facebook, Jolene @TBDetermined. Jolene @TBDetermined said: Amen! RT @Momma_Sunshine: NEW BLOG POST: Why I WON'T be changing my FB profile pic to a cheesy 80s cartoon: http://bit.ly/fPIPiH […]

  7. Good for you! I personally think by doing it people are a little too focused on themselves. It’s fun to think about the 80s! Some of them probably aren’t even doing it for the right reasons. Sorry – I don’t mean to offend. But anyway, I agree!

  8. THANK YOU. i vented a very similar rant at someone today after seeing another one of these stupid postings. what does a stupid cartoon have to do with child abuse? NOTHING. stupidest facebook meme to date.

  9. I have to be honest and say I totally did the cartoon post, but to show my support. I do love your comments though and wish there was a “like” button up here! 😉 Keep up the good work! It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed and you are definitely inspiring! ❤

  10. Oh I agree… 18 months ago when my Ex tried to shoot me I was nearly homeless with my four kids because none of the local shelters would take all five of us, they told me that I had to split my kids up and send the oldest two alone to a youth shelter. NO FREAKING WAY!

    Lucky for us some friends let us put a camper in their driveway… my four kids, myself, and two dogs lived in a camper with no water, heat, and only intermittent electricity for three months during the fall and winter. It was horrible, but it was better than sleeping in my car.

    My point? Sorry for the rambling response… my point is that at no time would anyone changing their facebook profile have helped me one bit. It was only through the generosity of friends and family that we had a place to live and food on the table.

    If you want to help, GREAT… then DO something. Time,money, blankets, food, toys, toiletries, cots, clothes, coats… all these things make a noticable difference when you have nothing.

  11. AMEN!!!!!!!!

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