Three Weeks

It’s been three weeks since CBG and I have seen one another. A month since we’ve had a weekend alone.

I won’t lie, it’s been tough. Last weekend was particularly difficult. An intense, day-long, email pseudo-argument. Email is the worst way to communicate. Even worse when you’re already having difficulty communicating effectively.

This is only the second time we’ve had a three week stretch between visits. If I remember correctly, we experienced some difficulty then as well.

Tonight those three weeks end. CBG will be here and nothing else will matter. Even though we’ve made up from our argument last weekend, it’ll be good to have a physical make-up, too.


This morning I’m feeling incredibly fortunate. I know that not everyone in a long distance relationship is able to see their significant other as often as CBG and I normally do. In the grand scheme of thing, though we don’t have as much time as we’d like together, we have a lot more than we could have.

And well, quite frankly, it’s good to be grateful...something I plan on being a whole lot more.

5 Responses

  1. Ugh, the 3 week stretch. It’s gotten easier for me… and not NEARLY as bad as the 5 weeks we did back in the spring. That downright SUCKED!

    So glad we’re not the only ones who get into it when we can’t be together more often. Just goes to show that we must really like each other or sumthin.

    Ya’ll enjoy your weekend alone. We so rarely have that…

    Have fun!

  2. I can only imagine how tough that has to be, yet you still find the light – that even though you are long distance, you do get to see each other relatively often. Good for you and uh, have fun, heh 😉

  3. Enjoy your time together, it’s precious, I know!

    When BLT lived two states away we got to be together once every 6 – 10 weeks, and then usually only for 48 hours at a time. It was SO hard!

    Keep fighting the good fight – it’s worth it for those sweet times you do get to be together!

  4. I hope you have a great time!

  5. IfyouknowwhatImean.

    I think I do… you need a nice firm handshake to reaffirm your friendship. I hope you get it.

    Have a great weekend!

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