Man of the House

I have to admit, something that I really enjoy about being a single mom is the fact that I’ve learned how to do a lot of things around the house. When I was married, I pretty much deferred all of the “handy work” to my ex. Pretty much everything from hanging pictures to building shelves in our basement.

When my ex and I first bought our house together, a real fixer-upper, I learned that there were a lot of things I was able to do…like stripping wallpaper, repairing cracks in plaster walls and painting like a maniac. And I did them, quite happily in fact.

But still, because I liked the idea of having someone else taking care of me, I left pretty much all of  the “home repair/maintenance” work to him to do, after our initial bout of doing it ourselves. It usually involved some nagging on my part, too. Because after all, it’s a rare man who does things around the house without being nagged at least a little bit first.

Am I right, ladies??

In any case, these days, if I’m going to get something done in my house, I need to do it myself. There is no man around to do my “dirty work” for me. Sure, CBG is in town at least once a month, but aside from the fact that we prefer to spend our time together doing fun stuff, CBG isn’t terribly handy around the house. Just one of those things. Hell, I don’t even have a close male friend in the city to help out when I need a dude around. And I’m sure as hell not going to ask my ex unless it’s a dire emergency.

This past weekend I found myself in home improvement mode. I hung a wall-mounted coat rack. I put up a shelf. I even installed a curtain rod. None of it is perfect, mind you, but the important part is that I did it – all by myself. I didn’t need to wait on someone else, or nag someone else to get it done. I just went out there and took care of business.

And you know what? It felt freakin’ awesome!

You may never see me on t.v. with my own home-improvement show, but dammit, it’s nice to be able to swing a hammer and make things happen. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I like taking care of myself. And honestly, that’s something I likely never would have discovered about myself until I ended up in a position where I didn’t have any choice in the matter. Whaddaya know? Sometimes The Universe really does know what it’s doing.

5 Responses

  1. Good for you! I personally love the fact that I can do everything on my own. I don’t want to rely on another person for everything in my life. I think (really hope) that this is sexy to a man!

  2. I KNOW I can do things on my own… but sometimes I don’t WISH to, ya know? Guess I’m lazy. Pfft.

    Good for you. It does feel awesome, right?!

  3. Please come to my house! I haven’t quite mastered fixing things yet, mostly because I’m too lazy. If it really needs to be fixed, I’ll fix it grudgingly. But the running toilet in the bathroom…well…I actually know how to fix that, and I still haven’t, several weeks later.

  4. Rock ON! I love being able to do things myself…it’s so easy to “let” a man do it but after “having” to do it yourself, you end up wanting to even if there is someone to help. Go on with your bad self 🙂

  5. i have always said freedom comes from independence.

    GREAT JOB LADY!! woot!

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