Things That Suck About Long Distance Relationships (#1)

Making up via email.

Don’t get me wrong, arguing via email really and truly sucks. But I’d take an email argument over an email making up any day of the week. Making up is supposed to involve a hug and a kiss and holding hands…and if you’re really lucky, some hot make-up sex. Making up after an argument, in my opinion, requires physical contact.

Email make ups have none of that. And you know what? Sometimes words just don’t cut it. And honestly, neither does emailing dirty pics. Though they do help a little.

Just sayin’. heh.

But what I really need, right now, more than anything, is a hug.

Is it Friday yet?

3 Responses

  1. Solution to the above: first mind your manners more bcs of the distance involved. Remember, ther are no physical “cues’ to let you know what the other person really means. Second, don’t argue, be more patient than normal and “sleep on it’ of you disagree – it really works! Third and final: Skype really helps all of the above. P.S. one more…reaching deep like this, you discover new nuances of yourself.

    Bonne chance!

  2. I have to say…I totally understand this. I’m fairly new to being a single mom (since April) and have been dating a guy (no kids) who lives over an hour away. Yes, that’s much better than some LDR’s but…what can I say. This post seemed to find me at the perfect time. I have been sending my own emails today, after a perfectly great 2 days with him, because of my issues. After reading other posts of yours, it really helps knowing that you totally get the discontent that creeps in, the lonliness, the not being able to enjoy some moments because of how you think they SHOULD be…I will be a faithful reader of your blog from now on. Thanks for being so honest and not sugarcoating the trials of single mommyhood and long distance relationships. I think the mix is harder than either one alone. And I am glad I am not alone.

    • Hi Laura! Glad you found me. I think you’re right – being a single mom and coping with a long distance relationship is especially challenging. I do write about the benefits of being in an LDR as well!

      It’s good to have you here. 🙂

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