The Thing About Relationships…

Relationships are tough. Tough to the point that I sometimes wonder if they’re really worth it after all.

It’s not easy opening yourself up to someone and trusting them to the point where you allow them to see the most vulnerable parts of you. Particularly when you’ve been hurt – a lot – by people in the past. In the act of opening yourself up to them, you grant them the ability to cause some very real damage.

And all you can do is hope that they don’t.

And well, sometimes they just do. Because we’re all human. We all make mistakes. We all hurt other people sometimes. And it sucks.

And then what happens when they do hurt you?

If trust is the most difficult part of a relationship, forgiveness is likely the second most difficult. And honestly? I’m not so great at either one of these things. But I am a romantic at heart….and so I try. But the pessimist in me tells me that I’m probably just going to get my heart broken in the end anyhow.

3 Responses

  1. Unless you try you’ll never know!

    Although, I know exactly what you mean!

  2. Boy do I understand this one. I want so much to believe that BLT and I can live happily ever after…but I’m scared.

    We open ourselves up to so much pain when we give someone else our hearts. But keeping ourselves all safe and alone sure isn’t the answer.

    I mean…the sex alone makes it worth it *wink* :p

  3. OK, cause you’re just like me… in that sucky pessimistic way…. ya know what my man says?

    “If you’re gonna look at it THAT way, then you gotta look at ALL the possibilities then, don’t you? Maybe we DO end up together with a big house and all the kids and a happily ever after. It’s not fair to only see ONE possibility…”

    Yeah. Ok.

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