Little Sunshine

Yesterday my niece emailed me a ton of photos that she’d scanned when she was visiting her mom recently. Photos of me that I can’t recall ever having seen before. I love the fact that I can see both of my daughters in me, depending on the photo.

Here, for your viewing and mocking pleasure, are a few of my favourites.

Every year my parents would let me have my very own, very pathetic Christmas tree. Um, hello Charlie Brown?

Why, yes, that *IS* me wearing a dress and rubber boots at the same time. I'd still do it if I thought I could get away with it. At three, it's cute. At 36? Not so much.

My sister had rabbits. All I remember is being obsessed with them.

Ah, yes, the polyester pantsuit. Perfect attire for any preschooler in the 70s.

I believe those daffodils still come up every spring at my mom's house. Not sure what's up with that weird beanie.

Love this one. Proof that my eyes really are THAT blue...

Well there you have it, folks. Thanks for taking the walk down memory lane with me. And ya’ll can totally stop giggling any time now.

7 Responses

  1. I love old pictures! That second one of you with the rubber boots–yeah, I recognize that smile. Cute.

  2. I wear rubber boots with my skirts…They are plaid. I live close to the end of the earth, and what precedes us, is mud. (yeah right, I just do it cause i like it!) 🙂

    I love old photos, and comparing them to what the people look like now. You’ve always had that great smile!

  3. Aw, those are so cute! I love finding old pictures that represent memories!

  4. Ahhhhh! You are STINKIN’ CUTE! And yes, you can totally see your daughters in those pics. How fun is that…

  5. Very cute pics. I like the one with the rubber boots and the one with the rabbits. And from other more recent pics you’ve posted, I can totally see you in these.

  6. Ahhhh… those are too cute… : )

  7. I love the one w/ you in the green outfit hiding your face. ADORABLE.

    Your smile is exactly the same as it was when you were a wee one. I love that 🙂

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