The Solo Weekend Report

My solo weekend was full of much goodness. Here are some of the things I did this weekend:

I discovered a new t.v. series – Nurse Jackie. I watched the entire first season over the weekend.

I tried to sleep in without a whole lot of success.

I went to the Farmer’s Market with a very good friend that I haven’t seen a whole lot of lately, just due to both of us being too busy.

I went thrift store shopping.

I flirted mercilessly with CBG over email.

I drank copious amounts of coffee.

I cleaned my apartment and came up with a vision and made plans for re-decorating my bedroom.

I cooked food for the upcoming week.

I did laundry.

I met up with an old co-worker for coffee and ate possibly the best brownie I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

I did a lot of thinking and put some things into perspective.

I went trick-or-treating with my girls and my ex. The girls had a blast! I even managed to have some fun with it and slapped on some last-minute ghoulish make-up.

I even found myself wishing, on Sunday evening, that I could have just one more day to fully enjoy the weekend.

And here are some things I didn’t do this weekend:

I didn’t mope.

I didn’t feel depressed or sorry for myself.

I didn’t waste the time I had alone.

I didn’t wish the time away.

Overall, the weekend was a success! Obviously, I would have preferred to have been able to spend the weekend with CBG, but you know what? The world didn’t come to an end because I couldn’t. Sure, I missed him, but I didn’t even shed any tears about it.  I realized this weekend how far I’ve come, and it’s such a good feeling to be able to acknowledge that.

All in all, the final report is that this weekend alone was a good thing for me. Who knew?

6 Responses

  1. Hooray!!

  2. Dude. Good for you! 🙂

  3. I love seeing how far you’ve come… and I so relate. Yeah mama!!

  4. Sounds like a postively awesome weekend! Bet you felt nice and ready to take on the week, right? LOVE that feeling!

  5. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  6. I love weekends alone myself…you seemed to rock it well 🙂

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