Grabbing Life by the Kahunas

You’re not going to believe this, but I had ANOTHER commuting issue yesterday…this time on the way TO work. I ended up doing some more walking, but only about 10 minutes worth, rather than an hour, like on Tuesday night.

And while I was wearing more comfortable shoes, they were far from proper walking attire. When I got home from work last night I discovered the world’s biggest blister on the bottom of my left baby toe. I was kind of wishing that I wasn’t home alone, just so I could show it to someone. It’s seriously the biggest toe blister I’ve ever seen. And I’m a runner, people. I know blisters. Gross!

After I got to work yesterday I found myself, once again, in a foul mood. All because of something that was completely out of my control — the transit system. But that’s when I realized that I was adding to the foul-ness. While I can’t control when the bus arrives, there are other things that I CAN control.

While working away at my new job today, I remembered to feel deep and intense gratitude. Not only do I have a permanent, full time job (after a two and a half year struggle!), it’s a job that pays decently, and more importantly, that I like. I finally feel like I’m in a job that I’m suited for, that I will excel in. Granted, it’s only week one, but still. How many people are able to say the same thing?

I thought more about the things that were making me cranky. Like I said, I have no control over the bus system. BUT – I can ensure comfort if I do find myself walking because of it. I stopped at the mall on the way home from work and picked up a pair of decent walking shoes. I may look like a dork every day going to and from work, but I’ll be a comfortable dork.

I also lanced and bandaged the world’s largest blister last night. R.I.P., little big guy.

Most of all, I thought about all of the reasons I have to be grateful. Sure, life feels a little overwhelming right now….and not everything is in my realm of control. Those things I will merely have to wait out. But as far as the rest of life goes…well..I’ve got it by the balls, baby. No more giving away my happiness and power to those random, uncontrollable things. I will wait out the difficulties while celebrating the goodness.

3 Responses

  1. I had to laugh at your blister story.

    I totally get the impulse to show someone else your blister. I would do the same thing: “Hey, look at THIS!” On the other hand, if my ex is to be believed, it was the issue of blisters that led to my divorce (

    Don’t worry about being a comfortable dork. To be honest, I always kinda liked the look of women wearing tennis shoes with work clothes. But I’m a dork, myself.

    As a man, I ask you to please handle life’s kahunas gently.

  2. Woohoo! Go Sunshine! Shine your light, baby!

  3. You can often spot me walking during my lunch hour in pantyhose and my running shoes so don’t fret! Starting a new job is so overwhelming … forgive yourself, remember to have fun and feel gratitude, too! *hugs*
    Hope the weekend with CBG helped 🙂

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