Happy September 1st.

Nine years ago today I got married. A new chapter. A life together with another person. Eventually we almost ended up destroying one another.

Today I am at home, recovering from a tubal ligation. No more babies for me. I feel like this is another new chapter for me. A new chapter of independence, strength, of taking care of myself. I’ve been doing it for a good long while now, but there’s nothing more empowering than taking your fertility into your own hands.

Nine years ago I had no idea what life had in store for me. It looks much different than I ever imagined that it would. Single motherhood definitely was never part of the plan. But that’s how life is, isn’t it? If we knew what was coming we might never have the courage to get up in the morning. Or more importantly, we might miss out on learning the lessons that we very much need to learn.

I have no regrets about my marriage. I have two beautiful daughters. I have a parenting partner who I finally – FINALLY! have a solid, genuine friendship with. I have learned so much about myself and the person that I am, and the person I want to become. I know without a shadow of a doubt the example I want to show my daughters.

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Life is too short, too complex, too beautiful for regrets.

Bring on the next chapter. I’m ready for it.

11 Responses

  1. Beautiful it is, the resolute spirit that you are.

  2. I feel like this too, and will on Sept. 28th this year when it would have been my 14th wedding anniversary. Sad, but I’m in the right place finally, and seems so are you! Take care of yourself!!

  3. Wow, amazing how much can change in that timeframe isn’t it? Congratulations to the next chapter – and a new door! 🙂

  4. #assslap Bring on the next chapter!! WoooHoooooo!!
    Hope you’re recovery goes smoothly…mine was a sinch…in fact, I believe I went back to work all high on pain killers lol 🙂

    • My ex had a vasectomy several years ago. And honestly, after having gone through the tubal, I would much rather suffer through the discomfort than listen to a man whine about his nads for a week and a half. Or more.

      • Oh girl… ok. Sounds like a good idea for me too, then. Sick of hearing excuses about why it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Hope you’re healing well, easily and nicely Sunshine. Happy New Life Chapter. **HUGS**

  6. What a great post.

  7. I love this. I love your attitude. Yes! Thank you for making my heart smile!

  8. Your positive attitude just shines through in this post. This is why I love to come and read your posts, you fill me with hope.

    I keep thinking of getting my tubes tied as well. I have four kids, and no matter who I end up with in the future (and I have faith that there is true love) I know I can’t afford more kids. What crazy though is I get episodes of baby fever still… I must be nuts.

    I hope you’re on the mend soon! Dish… how is the recovery? Are you in a lot of pain? Is it worth it?

  9. Dear Sunshine:

    You rule.

    That is all.

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