Dear Former Friend:

The day you start conducting your own life in a way that is to be respected is the day that you can start commenting on my choices.

You have a proven track record of letting me down when I needed a friend the most…and so that doesn’t really make you a friend at all, now does it? You haven’t been a friend for a very long time. And so you taking a hike really isn’t going to affect my life one way or the other…except for the fact that I now have one less crazy, judgmental, self-righteous person in it.


4 Responses

  1. Amen sista. I had to let a friendship go similarly recently. Hurts but sometimes it’s just gotta be done.

  2. I love your tag of drama-lama-ding-dong!

    I think that is funny.

    It is hard to say goodbye to friends…i always find myself wondering…years down the road. i never forget anyone. But sometimes it is for the best and you will always remember that part too.

  3. yea, usually with friends like that you don’t need enemies! Gah! Sorry you have to go through crap like that… I always thought drama like that stayed in middle school… but I’ve come to realize it follows us around.


  4. […] week, I am booked for my tubal ligation. Next week, my girls start school. There’s been the re-surgence of some drama in my life recently – from people who live in glass houses and definitely should NOT be […]

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