Thumbs Up!

I’m glad that I don’t have to wonder how CBG’s kids feel about me. Even though Rugrat is going through that Tween Tude phase, I do get the impression that she likes having me around. Over the weekend while I was there she and I had that good heart to heart that I wrote about yesterday, and on Saturday night I made sushi, which she had requested and particularly enjoyed. It’s tough relating to a girl her age sometimes, but I generally try to take the approach to just be her friend, be firm but gentle when required, and hope for the best.

Ankle Biter is a little easier. He’s not quite 4, after all. I act silly with him. We had fun on the playground as I chased him around much to his squeals of delight. I rather enjoyed teaching him the “pull my finger” joke (have I mentioned that I enjoy the “potty humour” phase that most kids go through??)

Rugrat is, as is typical of kids her age, kind of embarrassed by any displays of affection between her dad and I. Of course we always keep it PG-13 around the kids, but still, she squirms, she makes comments, she looks away with a funny little smile on her face.

Of course we love embarrassing her.

Ankle Biter, on the other hand, has, until this point, seemed kind of oblivious to his dad and I showing each other physical affection. This past Friday night, however, he looked over and saw CBG and I in a long, warm “nice-to-see-you-again” embrace. As CBG looked over my shoulder at his son, Ankle Biter smiled and gave his dad the “Thumbs Up” signal.

Nice to know the kid approves. I’m already looking forward to embarrassing him some day.

4 Responses

  1. I enjoyed reading about the kids and their impressions of you. I can imagine a young girl squirming with the public displays of affection right now. 🙂

  2. Nice! Ya’ll have fun this next week!

  3. Very funny. I give a virtual thumbs up to that whole scene!

  4. Aw, too cute! =)

    I’ll be interested to see how my girls take any future man that becomes more than a “potential boyfriend.” Especially seeing their mom be affectionate to somebody else. While dating before I moved, I use to get, “So are you going on a DATE tonight?” if I were leaving for the night. If the answer was yes, both girls would eventually complain that they didn’t want me to go.

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