This Week…

This week my girls are away on vacation with their dad until Friday at noon, when they get handed off to me to begin our vacation together with CBG and his family.

Despite having to go to work every day, it’s going to be like a bit of a mini-vacation for me as well. I will spend the week going for early morning runs, practicing yoga, running errands and getting things done in preparation for next week’s vacation, going to bed early and hopefully finding some time to relax in there as well. Though it’s only Day One and I already miss the girls like crazy, a part of me has been looking forward to this time. I may be an extrovert, but I do enjoy a healthy dose of “alone time” as well.

A year and a half ago, the prospect of spending this much time away from the girls was terrifying. CBG can likely recount with vivid memory the last night we were together before our break up – me crying from the weight of the world on my shoulder, extreme sadness from missing the girls, and generally feeling overwhelmed and not seeing any way out of it.

I’m not even close to being that woman anymore.

So while I’m going to miss the girls this week, I have more than enough to keep me busy. My life is rich and full with many good things. Being a mom is certainly the most important part of me right now, but it’s not the only part. And this week, I get to explore those “other” parts of me.

Life is pretty freaking good right now.

7 Responses

  1. Awesome! Sounds like a great week! Enjoy it.

  2. Embrace the ‘me time!!’ “see” you for our run tomorrow!! 🙂

  3. How lovely to look back and see the change in yourself. Great post. I’m with Jolene… enjoy the me-time.

  4. I remember when my ex husband and I split up and my daughter (oldest because my youngest was a newborn and he refused to take her until she was potty trained because he didn’t do diapers) would go to visit her Dad. I missed her so much. Then when my 4 year old came of age and I started having entire weekends to myself. There was a lot of adjusting that took place. I was so used to always being the “ON” parent and I worried about how they were taken care of at his house. Then I worried about my girls spending time with other women in the form of his revolving door of girlfriends. Finally I had to let go of it all and now I enjoy those weekends. I know that they will be taken care of differently but that they’ll be happy to be home with me again. I no longer feel intimidated by other women spending time with my children and I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’m their Mom and nothing will change that. It was a learning process though.

  5. I remember the first few months of my daughters life I would have dies if I had to be away from her for even a day. After about 3 months, that went away! LOL
    Have fun with your alone time!

  6. Oh man I miss those weeks off – I would be happy if I had a weekend right now!

    But the first year was incredible hard for me even when they were away 2 nights!

    Isnt it AWESOME to see how we have grown!

  7. How lovely for you to have some alone time, and for the girls to get some of their daddy’s undivided attention.

    I hope everyone enjoys it!

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