Life Is Too Short For Hate

The older I get, the more my views on life and the world mellow out a little bit more. I have been focused in the last couple of months on my own “Attitude Makeover” – looking at the positive, actively seeking joy, and feeling gratitude for all of my blessings in life.

One thing I don’t have time for in my life is hate. It doesn’t mean that I have to like, enjoy and want to be friends with every person I’ve ever encountered. There are certainly people that I strongly dislike and wish to never have a relationship with. But hate? Nah. Hating someone takes energy.  As far as I’m concerned, hate means giving away your power and your emotional energy to someone who doesn’t deserve it. And frankly, I have better uses for those things. I would much rather channel all of that emotion into something good and positive for myself and the people that I care about. Hate is a very negative emotion…and I do believe that negative people attract more negativity. At the very least, by giving too much time, emotion and energy over to that negativity, it seems to grow and block out everything else.

I often tell my girls that when you focus on something unpleasant, it begins to feel bigger than it is…so big that the positive stuff seems smaller and smaller. Well…that works both ways, too, as I am discovering. Focus on the good stuff (like the people and things that you love) and those negative things and people suddenly start feeling less and less important.

Hate focuses your energy outside of yourself.  It gives it all over to someone else – someone who can ruin your day just by looking at you. Who wants to give that much power to someone else? Certainly not me.

I would rather keep my energy for myself and for those people that I care about, and use it for all of the good, happy, positive things in the world.

Happy Friday Everyone! Hug those you love close to you. Feel the goodness right down to your very bones. And most of all…SMILE. No matter how bad life is, if you really look for it, you can find a reason to smile and be grateful.

5 Responses

  1. Beautifully written!! Life IS too short for hate, as well as what-if’s, regrets and anger. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with CBG and look forward to a run date next week, yes?? 🙂

  2. Exactly!!! Great post. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. My kids and I had a discussion on hate the other day! My daughter said she HATED one of her class mates cos she was mean and then went on to talk about Jesus (I think she may have said Jesus hates this girl too).

    Anyway I explained that she doesnt have to like this child but she mustnt hate her. Just stay away from here!

    Hate is a strong emotion that only eats the person doing it!

  4. One thing I hate is hate!

  5. I’m trying… I’m really, really trying.

    But everyday seems to bring some new disaster, some new way he’s manipulating me – screwing over my kids and in general making my life hell. All from prison no less.

    I don’t want to hate him, I don’t want to think about him at all…and that is what I think he’s trying to avoid. As long as he tortures me then in some small way he’s still controling me and he’s still involved in my life.

    If I knew how to let it go I would… I just don’t think I’m there emotionally yet.

    I want to be like you Sunshine, I really do. I’m just not ready yet. Honestly I think it’s still a survival mechanism. As long as I hate and fear him I’m more alert. He’s getting out of jail in 7 months and I honestly think he’ll try and find me again.

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