The Simple Things

As part of my Attitude Makeover, I am making a big effort to appreciate and find joy in the simple things in life. Because really, without them, life is flat and meaningless. Sure the big moments are great…but it’s everything that happens in between that comprises the majority of our lives.

Here are some of the simple things that I’m really digging these days:

1. Being greeted at work by my favourite dog, Banjo, with a big slobbery kiss right on my mouth (I told CBG recently that he’s lucky that Banjo’s not human, otherwise I’d ask him to be my boyfriend).

2. Perfectly ripe avocado. Heavenly!

3. Falling asleep with my head on CBG’s furry, furry chest. There’s no better feeling in the world.

4. Dark organic chocolate that contains crushed espresso beans. O.M.F.G. It’s almost (almost!!!) better than sex. Hell…it’s a GREAT substitution on my weeks when CBG isn’t around.

5. Morning runs. They fill me with complete and utter joy.

6. Waking up in the middle of the night and finding the cat curled up at my feet.

* * * * *

What are some simple things in life that bring YOU joy?

7 Responses

  1. Great post! The first thing to come to mind is curling up with my kids in the morning (since we don’t have to rush for school).

  2. Taking your shoes off and getting into bed after a night out dancing in heels. Or getting into a cold bed when it’s cold outside and knowing that you will soon be sooo warm and cosy.

  3. These are great things!! I concur on the run, of course. And my version of kitty happiness? My (once sick, now MUCH BETTER) Nala curled around my head, one paw resting on my face. Bliss.
    Another thing? Perfectly brewed Starbucks iced coffee. DE-lish.

  4. A surprise middle-of-the-night lovefest with my man. (OK, yeah, I’m just braggin’. Heeeee! Sooo glad to spend some time with him!)

    I also concur on the warm bed on a cold night. I literally squeal with delight!

    A bike ride on an open road. Just…yay.

  5. I dig (very very very much) your makeover Sunshine. 🙂

  6. When my feet are cold in the middle of the night I tuck them under Casey’s leg and he doesn’t complain but pulls me in to cuddle.

  7. in no particular order…

    that regardless of how i feel, he makes me feel pretty and good just by saying hello.


    my sons laugh. the REALLY HARD one

    my sisters face.

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