Dear Douchebag:

To the Gentleman I spoke with on the phone this afternoon:

You’re absolutely right. I am an idiot. I am clearly responsible for the policies and procedures of my entire organization and for how poorly it is run. Of course I deserved to be spoken to like I am a moron and practically reduced to tears. You sure taught me a lesson! Because of the stern talking to you gave me, I’ll now be able to explain the thought process that went into this particular issue much better (despite the fact that I wasn’t even an employee when the process was decided on and have no knowledge of exactly how it works). Good for you!

I am certain that your method of speaking over and interrupting people when they are trying to explain things to you is highly effective in getting the results that you want. I understand that this likely makes you feel like a powerful and important person – and well it should. There is no need to speak to others respectfully when you know everything already.

I sincerely hope that you walked away from the conversation that you had with me feeling like a better person. You are truly an example of an outstanding human being.

Up Yours,

Momma Sunshine

4 Responses

  1. Cockpunch.

    He needs it.


  2. Wow, what an ass. I hate ppl like that.

  3. Way to tell him! ((hugs!))

  4. Dear MS,

    Love your blog and your writing 😉

    Miss your little twitter updates on the side (you always have such a sharp wit with your tweets!)

    Will your tweets ever be public again?(no worries if a no, just wanted to compliment ya!!)

    Cheers girlie!

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