Why Men of the World Should be Thanking Mel Gibson

Y’know, men of the world really need to be thanking Mel Gibson for being such an objectionable human being. Because seriously? Compared to him, every other guy on the planet looks like a prize.

“Yeah, honey, you think I’m douchebag for leaving my dirty underpants on the bedroom floor? Don’t MAKE me go all Mel Gibson on you.”

Mel is such a complete and utter douchebag of such epic proportions, he makes every other man on the planet with just douchebag tendencies look like a complete winner by comparison.

I mean, seriously, how much LESS of a douchebag is Tom Cruise, when you hold him up against everything that dear old Mel has done in the last several months?


4 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Momma Sunshine, NakedGirl in a Dress. NakedGirl in a Dress said: RT @Momma_Sunshine: Short and sweet: Why men of the world should be thanking Mel Gibson: http://bit.ly/df2bFx […]

  2. Yep. Some extreme douchery going on in the Mel Gibson camp. He may have even earned the title of Major Douche Nozzle. Some people have to work their whole lives for that one!

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