Friday, Friday, Friday….

One of the things that I love about my life right now is that I am able to appreciate so many things about it.  While I love my weekends with CBG, I love my weekends with my girls, too. I love having that chunk of time to spend with them. We have a couple of long standing rituals that we do on our weekends – Friday night sleepover and big breakfast Sunday – but other than that, we are very much “go with the flow” kinda gals.

Friday nights when we’re together we have deemed it “sleepover night”. We watch a movie while eating dinner (we often have big plates of nachos and chocolate milk or some other kind of “treat”). Tonight they’ve requested French Fries. Since I’m still on the quest to lose those last few pounds, I’ll be having sushi….which I prefer to French Fries any day of the week. After dinner and our movie we crawl into my bed all together, snuggle and giggle for a while, and then go to sleep. It’s fun for all three of us.

This weekend is their dad’s birthday, so Saturday morning we’ll be heading out to get the rest of his gift. Then we will be meeting up with him to go see “Despicable Me” at the theatre. Since we’ve been trying to spend more time together as a family, my girls requested that we go to the movies together. I’ve” been looking forward to seeing this one…so it should be fun. After the movie they’re going off with their dad for a few hours for some “bonus time” on his birthday. They’ll be having birthday dinner with the grandparents and I’ll be getting some “bonus time” on my own.

And as for Sunday, well…Sunday we have absolutely no plans whatsoever. The day is open and I plan on keeping it that way as much as possible. I usually cook a big brunch on Sunday morning, but other than that, we could end up doing just about anything. Maybe we’ll go to the park or meet up with friends. Maybe we’ll laze around the house and watch a movie and get engrossed in an art project. I love not always having a plan…it leaves us open to the many possibilities.

Chances are, there will be plenty of dancing in our underwear this weekend, which is one of our new favourite things to do together.

Happy Friday! What’s everyone got on the go for this weekend?

3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a blast. I need to get back into our planned fun Fridays. For a while, we would have “fish Fridays” where we’d eat fish for dinner and then rent a movie about fish or mermaids or oceans or something similar.

    Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your evening!

  3. We leave for vacation on Sunday so our weekend is filled with getting ourselves ready to leave.

    Have a fun weekend. I want to see that movie too!

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