It had really been an entire month since CBG and I had gotten to spend any quality time together. Sure, he was here last weekend, but it was with me and my girls and was very much a “family weekend” that wasn’t about the two of us at all. It was during that weekend that more of our differences were brought to light. We spent the next week having intense discussions about our differences and the future of our relationship. Once we got past the parenting thing, we continued to be very over-sensitive and reactive with one another. It was like we weren’t even having the same conversation sometimes.

We were disconnected on a level that hasn’t happened to us before. And frankly, it scared both of us.

The second he was in the door this past Friday night and I was in his arms, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It wasn’t like everything that had happened in the past week had magically disappeared…it was more like my faith that we could work through everything had been magically restored. One simple hug was able to accomplish that.

The whole weekend got to be just about the two of us. We didn’t make plans to see other people. We spent the entire time simply wrapped up in one another. We went out to dinner on Friday night on an impromptu date. Saturday morning was full of the Farmer’s Market and running errands together. The rest of the weekend featured movie watching, silliness and laughter, naps and lots of sex.

And lots of talking, too. Talking about how we were feeling and how we can try to avoid this kind of thing from happening again. There was lots of reassuring each other and clarifying things that had gotten mis-communicated throughout the week. Most of all…we just felt like us again.

And it’s so, so good to feel that way.

As I write this now, although my concern for the two of us and where things are headed hasn’t totally disappeared, I certainly feel a whole lot better than I did 72 hours ago. I am feeling…realistic. Every couple goes through “rough patches” now and again…things that test their relationship and their love for one another. As a couple in a long distance relationship our challenges are different than a couple in a more traditional relationship, but not necessarily any better or worse.

We all have difficulties to face in life. It’s how we face them that matters most.

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  1. I’m so glad you guys were able to have quality “us time” this past weekend. EVERY relationship does need that.

    I know when I was married, the ex and I tended to drift apart quite frequently – especially towards the end of our marriage. But when we would have “us” time – away from the kids, away from his work/party friends, we were on fire. It was like a breath of fresh air, and it reminded us how close we could be.

    So good for you two. =)

  2. That’s awesome. So glad you are working through it all.

  3. I am glad you have had some quality time to reconnect.

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  5. Jealous! Rascal and I haven’t had “alone time” in months! Maybe sometime soon.

    So happy to hear that you reconnected. The very fact that you both WANTED to reconnect speaks volumes….

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