Being a Single Mom Rocks!

….well, y’know…sometimes

It’s so easy to sometimes get caught up in the negative aspects of being a single mom that I tend to forget that there are actually things that I actually like about my single mom status. In the interests of my Attitude Makeover, I realized that I need to work on focusing on the positives in my life. ‘Cuz when I’m able to do that, the negatives aren’t nearly as powerful.

So here we have them, in no  particular order, things that I enjoy about being a single mom…

My house, my rules. While it’s certainly challenging to make big life choices and decisions on my own, I enjoy not having to talk over how to spend a day off or what to make for dinner. I like having all the small details be mine to work out without any conversation or negotiation. I love not having to consult with someone else over every little thing…I can just make it happen. That truly rocks.

Girl Power!!! I love being able to give my girls my time, energy and attention without having another person there competing for it. On top of that? I love our atmosphere of “girl power!” that we have going on. I get to be an example of a strong woman for them – a woman who can hang shelves, take out the garbage herself, and get things done without a man around.

Me, Me, Me. So I’ve come to terms (mostly) with the fact that I’m kind of a selfish person. I like my personal time. Being a single mom (and in my case, a single mom with a very involved co-parenting partner) I get lots of time to do my own thing. The part that really rocks is that I don’t have to talk to someone else about how I’m going to spend that time. It’s all mine to simply enjoy and spend how I want …. whether it’s going for a run, hanging out with a friend, or just going to bed early. For an extrovert I need a lot of alone time to feel good. I certainly get enough of that these days…and it gets to be on my own terms without ‘checking in’ with someone else first.

So there you have it. Three solid reasons why this single mom gig isn’t so bad. Anyone else care to add to this list? What do you love about being a single parent?

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  1. I’m a married mom and I can tell you that it is hard to find time to do my own thing… and when I do, it isn’t a free-for-all, I have to time box it and discuss it with my husband so that we always have kid-coverage. On top of that, I sometimes feel guilty when I have a few moments to myself. I think having preplanned alone-time is a good idea. I should incorporate that into my marriage.

  2. Those are each very good reasons to like being a single mom. I think not having to answer to anyone but myself is the best part – and I’ve been a single mom for 8 years now so am getting very used to it, maybe to the point it would be pretty difficult to change if/when there were someone other than my kids around on a daily basis. Not sure I would like having to share my alone time either. Well, if I could have sex every day I guess I could be okay with it. 😉

  3. Great post!

    I also enjoy the girl power at our house. And its in stark contrast to the testosterone of Rascal’s male-filled house. Heh.

    I like challenging myself. Like fixing the fridge or pushing myself to do a triathlon. I could have used some help with both of those but it feels really good to know that I did them all on my own. What a sense of accomplishment!

  4. I love that I can take up the entire bed 😀

    I also love that there aren’t weird man-hairs in my bathroom sink.

    My very favorite part, though, has to be the sense of accomplishment I feel every. single. day. when I walk into my home at the end of the work day and I am walking into a place that is Mine. The couches? I bought them. The clothes we wear? I bought them. The bills? I paid them.

    Hmmm… Must go sing Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child now!

  5. You friggin rock woman. You’re right…being a single mom rocks (even when it blows goats)
    I love that the only male in my house is covered in fur and can be locked in the bathroom as needed (Im easily annoyed)

    GREAT post mama!


  6. I’d have to agree that being “my own woman” is the best part. I LOVE not having to answer to anyone. I love that I can plan things with my kids, and we can DO them!

    I think my kids even like me better, as a single mom. I’m sure I’m a lot more fun – because I don’t have the stress of worrying about my ex anymore. Or catering to him for that matter.

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  8. Way to see the great points of what I can imagine is a very tough job.

  9. I love this post. I am considering becoming a single mom next year as I’m getting on in age with these eggs and whatnot. I love kids and I was wondering if anyone else was having any fun out there doing it, by choice or by circumstance!

    • Have you been to There is a lot of talk there about single moms by choice. You might be able to get some good information there, or connect with other choice moms. 🙂

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