Perfect Moments

I love it when I’m present enough that I realize I’m in the middle of an absolute perfect moment. Those moments are usually rare and fleeting. I have realized lately, however, that as I keep this on my mind, I am finding these perfect moments more and more. Moments like yesterday, sitting in the park under a tree with my daughters, eating crackers and being silly together, collapsing in laughter. Or last night, at the end of my hot yoga class, sweaty and exhausted, realizing that I was completely present and totally in tune with my body.

This morning I am realizing that it’s not that these moments are any greater in number, it’s only that I am better able to both see them as they’re happening, and appreciate them down to my very bones.

Life is good.

4 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Momma Sunshine, Christina Andrews. Christina Andrews said: RT @Momma_Sunshine: Life is full of perfect moments. We just have to see them. […]

  2. Being present in the moment is something I am so totally focused on as I move forward down this new path in my life. It is a big reason I started my blog; to slow down and recognize those small, sometimes fleeting moments of joy. You must be fully present to recognize it.

  3. Sweet! It does take a quiet mind to appreciate what is right in front of our noses sometimes.

  4. I love perfect moments too, and just had one myself this morning…they are a good smack upside the head that life could always be a hell of a lot worse, right?

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