Hakuna Matata

This is supposed to be a CBG weekend. But because of some schedule and traveling difficulty, we had to call the weekend off.

The funny thing is…it’s no big deal.

A year ago this would have felt crushing, practically unbearable. And now, a year later, it’s just fine. I have a busy weekend planned. The ex and I switched things up a bit between last weekend and this one, and so I have the girls with me all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. The good news for CBG and I is that he’ll be in town for two weekends in a row after this – one with me and my girls, and the next one with just me, as usual. It’s a good balance.

I also took the day off work today and am keeping Kiddo home on the last “real” day of school. Kiddo, LittleMo and I are going to welcome summer in our own way…enjoying the sun…eating ice cream…and just generally having a fabulous day together.  I plan on spending the day wrapped up in my girls, without letting the outside world interfere. Today is going to be all about the three of us.

And tonight? Well tonight after they go with their dad, I’m heading off to another hot yoga class. This will be my third class this week. I do believe I am officially addicted. It’s good to feel this passionate and interested in something that’s all for me.

This morning as I write this I am feeling content with life. I don’t know if my new attitude makeover has had time to have any real effect, or if the stars are simply aligning to result in me feeling great right now. But whatever the reason, I’m going to bask in the glow.

6 Responses

  1. Okay, I may have to go try hot yoga! You are officially inspiring me. Have a great day with Kiddo.

  2. Hot yoga is amazing.I find it really helps my mind more than my body.

    It’s notwhere as near a good a workout as ashtanga yoga ,and I think we delude ourselves in thinking that(the amount of sweat makes me feel like I had a huge workout!),but none of this matters….cause if it helps my stress level and makes me feel good emotionally,yup well I am addicted for that alone!

    • I agree that it’s not as good of a workout as other yoga that I’ve done. I find that hot yoga is great for keeping me really present and in the moment…and for that reason it’s amazing for my stress levels and emotional benefits. I love it. I’m seriously considering trying to find the funds so I can go regularly.

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  4. Enjoy your girlie weekend!

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