I have been withdrawing these last couple of days.

I am asking The Universe for clarity, direction. It’s hard to distinguish what I want from what I am supposed to have. I feel like so much in life is a struggle for me. I wonder if this is a sign that I am fighting against the current, when I should be learning how to just surrender and go with the flow.

Then I ask myself: What’s the difference between surrendering and giving up completely?

Hence my need for clarity.

No answers yet.

2 Responses

  1. Yep. I hear ya. Time to be silent and listen, huh? 😉

  2. This is weird comment, but I happen to remember last time CGB went to the States for work, you had a rough time…..that would be very interesting if it coincides with when he is seeing new places and marking off bucket lists that is the time you doubt yourself and everything more….

    I know this is funny, but if I am write the timeline of his travel does coincide? Ok enough psychobabble from me …I don’t even know you! 😉

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