It’s not so bad sometimes…

As much as I bitch and whine and complain about how much being in a long distance relationship sucks, there are definitely some aspects of it that you don’t typically get in a “traditional relationship”.

I love the feeling of anticipation the few days before our visits.

I love that first hug after we’ve been apart. I love thinking about how our time together is just starting.

I love falling asleep in his arms, head on his shoulder, cuddled up on his furry chest, lulled to sleep by the sound of his breathing.

I love middle of the night kisses and caresses and sleepy “I love yous”.

I love waking up giggling together about some private shared joke.

I love making the most of our time together, so it never feels wasted.

I love taking the time to appreciate what we have, and knowing without a doubt, that the struggles are worth it.

4 Responses

  1. There are some good parts — no denying that! I think it definitely helps you to appreciate one another more. I also think you tend to know the person more because, at least in our case, we talk on the phone so much, while traditional couples may spend time together without talking and finding out about one another (movie date? no talking).

  2. LOVE this. Embrace it. Enjoy!!

  3. This is SO true…. I used to love the anticipation, and most especially the reunion sex! That first time together after you’ve been apart five – ten weeks is so HOT… mmmmm yummy!

    Now that BLT is here it amazes me still that we’ve managed to keep all that fire and heat on a more regular basis. I love waking up to him each day. And sometimes I’ve even found myself saying, “you’re still here” late at night when I reach out and remember he’s in my bed on a permanent basis now.

    The LDR thing does have it’s advantages. You really learn to appreciate your time together. In a way I’m glad that’s how BLT and I started out. I appreciate him, his love, and his presence so much more because I know what it’s like when he’s not here!

  4. Uh huh!

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