Don’t Resist

Every morning I have “Notes from the Universe” sent to me via email.

This morning my note said:

“Don’t resist, Sunshine.

Don’t resist.

Don’t resist.”

I immediately thought of yesterday’s blog post. I realized that my issue is less about me being attracted to negative things, and way more about me resisting the positive. I’ve had so much negativity, devastation and just plain unhappy things happen in my life, that it is difficult for me to finally believe in the positivity that I am seeing. Sure, I finally believe that I deserve it, and that’s definitely progress. But still…I find myself mistrustful of it. I search for flaws in it. I am quietly holding my breath, waiting for it to end.

It’s a matter of trust, isn’t it? If I can learn to trust CBG (something that I admittedly still struggle with from time to time) and if I can learn to trust myself (again, this requires work), then I should be able to start trusting the happiness, joy and positivity in my life. If not all the time, then at least more often than I am.

Today’s goal is simply: Don’t resist. I will let the happiness in as best I can.

6 Responses

  1. Dont resist wIth one expeption: “resist the usual”.


  2. Love this – it is hard to do, and I do it all the time…sometimes resisting is more complicating than *not* resisting, at least for me.

  3. I have been lurking on your site for a little while now and what you wrote today is the very thing I have been struggling with the last little while.

    Like you, I am in a long distance relationship with an amazing man. We see each other, usually, every other weekend. Even though this relationship is like no other I’ve ever been in before, I find myself struggling with holding my breath, waiting for it to end as well.

    Thank you for the reminder that I need to stop resisting the good things and just let the happiness IN!

  4. Yep. Allow instead.

    And believe me, my ego struggles with this too. The ego wants to throw a wrench into things and beg you to worry, worry, WORRY! But in the moment, the ego doesn’t exist. In the moment, things are just fine, aren’t they?

    I have to remind myself too.


  5. I get the notes from the universe too, and I could not figure it out “Dont resist” until I read this…Thank you for inspiring me!

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