Happy Birthday TO ME!!

Today is my birthday. I am 36 years old. And I’m not afraid to tell that to anyone who asks.

Birthdays used to be a bit of an uncomfortable thing for me. Not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s the reminder of how quickly life is speeding past. Maybe it’s because I always had huge expectations for the day – I looked at my birthday as the opportunity for people to show me how much they loved me.

Of course they always let me down.

For long I looked for other people to validate me and give me worth. Hell, I spent 10 years with my ex for that very reason. With one hand he built me up…on the other he tore it all right down again and more.

Last year on my birthday, CBG and I were not yet back together. I packed up my girls and went to visit my family in the country for a few days. I had zero expectations from my birthday…and it actually ended up being quite pleasant. We had a family potluck. Nothing like family and some good food to make a gal feel loved. It was actually on that visit home that I decided, for certain, that I absolutely could NOT get back together with CBG.

heh. I guess wisdom really DOES come with age.

This year my big day is all about CBG and my girls. My oldest is playing hookey from school so the four of us can spend the day together. We’re going to relax, play, and have fun together as a family. I’ve realized that the secret to great birthdays is a lot like the secret to life: it’s all in the attitude. And well…if you’re wondering about *my* attitude – I’m going to be the one wearing the princess tiara and grinning like a crazy lady. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll.

11 Responses

  1. Own it baby! Own that tiara!

    Enjoy it!

  2. Happy Birthday Hunni… Hope u have a great weekend!!!

    p.s. I am gonna be 35 in Sept….. I am also not afraid to say it!!


  3. Own that tiara, it is your day. Happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday! Oh, and on another note. I truly hope you do not mind me following your blog. I found you through a search engine looking for a topic, and started reading. I appreciate your point of view. The reason I am asking this is because of your previous posts of people coming on here not wanted, and do not want to disrespect your blog or you.

    • Rafe, gosh I don’t mind you following my blog at all! Those posts were directed mainly at my ex husband and some of “his people” who were (are?) reading my blog despite the fact that I wanted to keep it private from them.

      I’m glad to have you here! 🙂

      • Thank you, and I assure you I am not “his people” or “any people” for that matter… I’m kinda a lone wolf who just recently came out from his cave and am new to this sharing my “stuff” online with strangers. Two birds bumped butt and left me on a rock! 🙂

        Enjoy your birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday! Girl own that Tiara! You deserve it. Enjoy your time with CBG (as if you have to be told that! lol).

  6. Happy birthday!! Have a great time!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope it is a great one!

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful Weekend!

  9. I’m late Sunshine, but I am sending the most belated happy birthday wishes. 🙂

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