Stop Reading My Blog

Dear ExHusband:

Stop reading my blog. Please. There is no real and good reason why you need come here. The purpose of this blog isn’t to bash you or justify anything that I have done in the past, or will do in the future. The purpose of this blog is for me to feel safe in expressing who I am, to explore some of my issues, share my experiences with others and to just simply have fun.

You being here and reading my words takes all of those things away from me. It’s hard to feel safe knowing that there is someone looking over my shoulder.

If you have any interest in fostering a healthy, productive and amicable  relationship between the two of us, I ask simply that you back away from here and move on with your life. For the sake of our beautiful children I don’t want to hate you. But you being here, (dishonestly, I might add), puts a strain on our co-parenting relationship.

So please, go in peace. Seek out the truth of life. Be open to all of the possibilities that are out there. Learn from your mistakes. Love yourself. Love others. Heal. Be well. Find happiness.

And grant me the freedom to do the same, here. If you can do that, then I promise you that only good things will result.

6 Responses

  1. Um…. can I borrow this letter for MY blog too?


  2. Wow, Casey has permission to read and he still chooses not too because of the reasons you listed. I hope he leaves.

  3. AMEN SISTA!!!

  4. I hear ya. My ex, his wife and DBD ALL read my blog. And according to them *I’m* the one who can’t let go. Yet *something* compels THEM to read every day, like waiting for me to write something they can use against me and hurt me with somehow. And this serves the best interests of our kids how?

    Move along Exes!

  5. Wish I knew of an wasy way to keep only specific people out. We had a huge explosion when my ex read my blog. He threatened to sue me for having quoted a nasty email he sent. I carefully researched relevant copy right laws and edited my post to make sure I was within my rights, and let my other, wanted, readers know the scoop on it.
    There’s something terribly invasive and stalker-ish about men who keep sticking themselves in where they know they aren’t wanted. I’m sorry you, too, have to deal with this.

  6. dear sunshines ex husband,

    pls respect her wishes, its unhealthy for you to brood over your exs thoughts and expressions. you may likely ignore the positive things she says about you and focus on the hard times (WHICH if you did read and understood, you would see that she takes blame in the situation herself as well, and knows it takes two tango (or not).

    lets all move on. the chickadees need parents who dont have to worry about how the other will react to an blog post the day before. lifes too short man. and the world is your oyster. letting go of the past makes the future so much easier.



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