Pray For My Soul….

Tonight my daughters are having two little friends over for a sleepover tonight. They’re the same ages as my two, they’ve all known each other since before they born.

It’s going to be a night full of movies, popcorn, fingernail painting and giggling.

I only wish I had some vodka in the house.

5 Responses

  1. wow, they’re in bed already? what the heck is the time difference? Oh, and I don’t have any vodka…but I have brandy! I’ll have a drink for you!

  2. It will be fun, and you’ll survive. I have faith in you!

  3. You mean the other mum didn’t pack a bottle of vodka for you in the girls’ bag? For shame!

  4. If it was my kids I would have sent a Valium for you.

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