Joy in the Everyday

Things that made me smile yesterday

1. The sun. I’m lucky enough to work in a bright, sunny office space. I am one of those people who needs lots of sun to feel good. I got plenty of it the last couple of days.

2. Spending time with my co-worker’s dogs. Yes, folks, I work in a pet-friendly office. People routinely bring their pooches to work with them. Wednesday at lunchtime I got to run around our boardroom with the sweetest dog ever, who goaded me into chasing him. I’m not sure which one of us had more fun. Thursday? I took another co-worker’s dog for a walk in the glorious glorious sunshine around the neighbourhood. It was awesome.

3. Giving my first “official” office tour. My office is special because it showcases “green” renovations. One thing I do on my job is give tours to interested people. I gave CBG a tour when he was here, but today I got to do my first “official” tour. The lady I did the tour for was great, we had a lot in common and were able to chat it up while I did my thing. It was great.

4. Smelling fresh-cut grass on my walk home. First time this season. It’s up there on my top 5 favourite smells, right after CBG’s armpits and just before fresh strawberries, watermelon gum, and cat fur.

5. The world’s best brushetta for dinner. Yes, friends, I made it myself, and I stand by my “world’s best” declaration. How’s THAT for modesty?

The more I look, the more things there to be joyful about. Life just keeps getting better. Some days I’m still a little worried that someone’s going to pinch me and I’ll wake up. Until that happens, however, I plan on enjoying every single second of this.

6 Responses

  1. Hey! Thanks for the advice. I’ve somewhat believed in the attachment parenting philosophy since she was born, and since moving into my parents basement and becoming single and being around family so much, they all tend to think the other way. So it makes for confusing times.


  2. Wow, what a sweet post.

  3. Love where you are right now.

    CBG’s armpits?

    My first thought was to giggle and then I was all, “Yeah, I know what she means.” Funny thing is when I think I’m all stinky, Rascal will say, “You smell good.” Must be a pheromone thing.

    I love your job. Sounds wonderful.

  4. So true – it IS about the little things. Sort of like buying myself flowers the other day. That made me so happy! and I totally agree with you on fresh cut grass. that smell is like NO OTHER!!

  5. Hey, Kindred Soul!!! Please come join us on My Everyday Magic ~ you’ll fit right in!!!

    Love and Sparkles,

  6. oh my goodness I’m happy for you – what a lovely list of things to happy about.

    I’m having a wonderful week as well, and feeling so alive and hopefull.

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