The Speed of Life

Life has been ramped up lately. Everything is moving faster. There is less time than ever do get everything done. There is less time available to enjoy those wonderful moments that happen. It seems as though my brain never shuts off these days….it is almost never quiet.

My new job is going well.  I have the priviledge of working for an organization that is making a difference in this world. I’m not just another cube dweller, pushing paper and crunching numbers. I deal with humans. I reach the public. I am excited and happy to go to work every day. I still have moments of uncertainty and feeling incompetent, but when I do, I simply remind myself of all the positive feedback I’ve gotten from everyone and push through those feelings.

CBG will be arriving tonight. Our third 3-night weekend in a row now. I’m starting to get used to this.

Life is finding a rhythm of it’s own. It concerns me a little, though, because this rhythm is a little faster than I’d like. I need things to be a little slower, a little more relaxed a little more often. I’m just not entirely sure how to accomplish that. I want to enjoy this time while it is here…not look back in a year or two and realize that everything is just a blur. This time is too good…it deserves more than that.

My focus for the next little while will be on slowing down…enjoying life…appreciating the goodness that is there…seeking opportunities to relax…to enjoy…to breathe.

I’m starting tonight, with CBG’s arrival. Tonight I will slow down and breathe and enjoy falling asleep in my man’s arms.

4 Responses

  1. Nice.

    And I understand this feeling. I’ve heard 5 mins of meditation in the morning and before bed helps. Dunno. I never seem to have the time to do it. Heh.

    Enjoy your weekend. He’s spoiling you rotten.

  2. Love this – if there was a “like” button, I’d like it about 15 times 😉 have a blast on your 3-day weekend!!

  3. I have so say that I’m SO jealous of your weekends with CBG.

    36 brief hours every four to eight weeks with BLT is killing me…. I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

    Enjoy your time together… It passes so quickly.

  4. It’s nice to hear that you enjoy going to work everyday, that’s supposed to be that way.

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