Basking in the Glow of Life

Yesterday as I walked home from work, I was awash with happy feelings. I had a happy and productive day at work at a job that makes a difference in this world. I’d had a meeting that afternoon with my new supervisor who told me that she was pleased with my progress so far. I was looking forward to spending the weekend with my two lovely daughters. My heart was absolutely soaring.

I walked along, listening to some happy tunes on my iPod and then I suddenly couldn’t control myself any longer.

I broke into a skip.

Yes, folks, it’s true. Yesterday, Momma Sunshine, almost 36 years old, skipped down the sidewalk on her way home from work, by herself, because she was filled with so much happiness and joy and excitement about her life that she absolutely could NOT contain herself.

And then she broke out into peals of laughter at her own silliness and joy as she continued to skip down the sidewalk.

And ya know what? It was the best freaking feeling in the world.

6 Responses

  1. I LOVE days like that…when you are filled with so much happiness and excitement that you can’t even control yourself…Love hearing things are getting easier at the job!

  2. and I hope you got at least 3 strange looks on the way home…hahahaha

  3. That’s awesome!! I need to channel this glow of life feeling…I’m getting there, but not quite, but know my “skipping” moment’s out there too! 🙂

  4. Oh that sounds so friggin’ fantastic! I hope you do it again real soon.

  5. What a great feeling! I’m so glad that your heart is absolutely glowing…you deserve all this happiness!

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