And no…not *that* kind of quickie….

……….Oh, how I wish.


* * * * *

Yesterday was the first day of my new job.

I am officially out of my comfort zone.

Ultimately, I think that I can do the job (and so do they – after all, they hired me, right?) I am just definitely in a role in this job that I am completely unused to. I have a whole lot more responsibility and am a whole lot more important in the office than I originally assumed when I was interviewed for the job.

Truth be told, here, after day one on the job, I’m feeling a bit intimidated and slightly overwhelmed. I’m trying not to let it drag me down. So far everyone has been great and they assure me that it’s going to take a while to get settled in and get a handle on things. I must keep reminding myself of that. After all, I’m certainly not stupid…just unused to being challenged in this way in the workplace.

I fell asleep last night reminding myself that challenges are how we grow in life. If I never moved out of my comfort zone, my life would look a whole helluva lot different right now than it does – and not in good ways, either. We have to push the limits of our comfort zone, if even only from time to time.

And well, that’s where I am right now.

And while it does feel uncomfortable, being right here in the middle of it, I’m trying to assure myself that it will get easier. My life is changing. I am changing. And despite the discomfort I am feeling right now, I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

7 Responses

  1. Oh give it some time! All new jobs are hard and overwhelming at first. In a few weeks you’ll get the hang of it and be running that place cause you can. You know you can.

  2. Of course you’re overwhelmed! That is to be expected. You got this though. You will rock it!

  3. I can just imagine – if I were to start a new job, I’d have ALL the same worries, stresses, fears, but that’s part of the excitement of this sort of challenge, too, right? You will rock it, it will just take time, as new jobs usually do. 🙂

  4. Congrats on the new job. Challenge is good. And at least it’s not boring. 🙂

  5. I know you will do great! Once you get your feet under you, you will be able to run that place with your eyes closed! Good luck and I can’t wait to hear about it as you go!

  6. Think about how good you are going to feel when you rock it!

  7. Give it time you will rock it.

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