Forgiveness and Compassion

Last night I had a long talk with an old friend. She and I talked about a lot of things that have been going on in our lives lately. We’ve had some rocky times in our friendship over the years, but it feels like, once again, we are reaching a point of openness, honesty and goodness…for the first time in a long time.

It feels good.

This morning I’ve been thinking a lot about the themes of forgiveness and compassion in my life. I see where there may be opportunities in my future that will allow me to show both of these – to people that, at one point in my life, weren’t able to offer me the same. Perhaps even people who might not be ready even yet to offer me that.

I have realized that I won’t allow that to stop me. Circumstances change. People change. In many ways I’m not the person that I was even a year ago. I have learned a lot about the power of love, compassion and forgiveness.

I am ready to offer it. Because life is far too short for bad feelings and held grudges. That’s not the person that I am. This isn’t about me being self-righteous or saying, “Look how wonderful and forgiving I am”. This is about me saying, “I am responsible only for my own actions and reactions in life…and these are the actions I choose. This is who I am.”

What others choose to do with this, with the compassion, understanding and forgiveness that I offer to them is their own choice. I can accept that and wish them well no matter what direction they choose…if for nothing else, than for the example that it provides to my girls. People make mistakes. Bad things sometimes happen. But forgiveness is always an option.

5 Responses

  1. Fan-freakin-tastic!!! Life is way too short.

  2. Hells to the YEAH! That is what TRUE forgiveness is! I love this post! Quite possibly my most favorite post of yours yet.


  3. I’ve also been thinking about forgiveness but I don’t think I’m as far along as you. I’m still at the stage of understanding some of the choices I made in my life and forgiving myself for them. I think I have to go through this before I can truly open myself up.

  4. it’s so great to really talk to a girlfriend…friendships are hard sometimes, when life is busy and has its ups and downs. they hit bumps and sometimes split off, but the true ones sift through and stick.

    in the past i’ve just avoided confrontation when conflict comes up with a friend (i don’t do the same with a romantic partner, for some reason) but a good friend i speak to almost every day has taught me that you can actually talk about things that bother you without bolting, disappearing, or sweeping it under the rug. it’s hard sometimes, but it makes me feel like i’ve grown as a person to be able to do that.

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