Well, the interview is done! And all in all, I have to report that it went pretty well. As I told CBG yesterday, I did about as well as I could have done while still being myself. In fact, I could even go so far as to say I rocked it. Either they liked me or they didn’t.

So the rest is up to The Universe.

* * * * * *
It’s been a weird several days in terms of things with my friend Dimples. I won’t go into a whole lot of details, but it’s making me question whether or not men and women really can be friends. I’d hoped for that with him, because he is such an awesome person and we’ve been working (or so I thought) toward a good solid, honest friendship together. But recent conversations have led me to wonder. I guess time will tell on this one. I’m taking some space right now so I can figure out what will happen in terms of him and I.

* * * * *

CBG arrives on Thursday after work and I can hardly wait. We get three nights together, which always feels absolutely heavenly. On Friday, because it’s March Break, my girls will be out of school. Unfortunately, I still have to work (though I’m leaving early that day). CBG will be hanging with my girls, alone, until I get off work. It’s going to be his first real taste of being “step-dadish” to my girls, who are completely stoked about it. Should be interesting to see how it goes – both from his perspective and from theirs. This feels like another milestone of sorts in our relationship – just one more step forward for all of us, as a family. And I welcome it with open arms.

* * * * *

This time change is officially kicking my ass. Monday morning I actually felt hung over. I think I’m old.

* * * * *

I am back on the running train in a big way. I went several times last week and it was great. This morning, despite the time change, I hauled butt out of bed at 5:30 and suited up, ignoring the fact that it really was 4:30 am. I love early morning runs – it’s such a perfect way to start the day. This morning I even managed to hit that ‘sweet spot’ – the place where my body just instinctually took over and did its thing and it just felt effortless. Too bad for me the sweet spot was short lived and soon I found myself struggling to keep moving forward yet again. I reminded myself that if I keep working at it, it’ll keep getting easier.

* * * * *

Please keep emailing me photos of yourselves “au naturel”! I’m planning to put up the post on Thursday or Friday.

sunshinemama123 at gmail dot com.

3 Responses

  1. Congrats on rockin the interview! Hope it works out for you.

    I felt the same way on Monday but am slooowly getting used to the time change.

    Have a great weekend w/CBG!

  2. I can’t wait to read his take on Fri. I am glad you rocked it.

  3. When did you introduce your girls to CBG? I’m getting ready to introduce my BLT for the first time next week when he comes to visit me. Most of the visit (five beautiful days!) we will be alone, the last day we will pick up my girls and all go to the zoo together so they can get to know him, and vice versa. Then home for dinner and video games / movies.

    I should be nervous about it, but I’m not. I’m excited to have him meet my girls, and I’m hoping my girls accept him and can be friendly.

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