A Recipe for Perspective

Fair trade organic coffee

Chocolate for dinner

A good friend who says what she thinks & doesn’t mince words

Mix together. Sprinkle with giggles, ridiculousness & gossip.

Thanks, Lady. Last night was *exactly* what I needed.

* * * * *

It’s been a rough week. It’s been hard to remember what’s important and what needs to fall by the wayside. It’s been difficult to smile and see the goodness in my life — the negativity has been impairing my vision.

I’m on the way back up, thankfully – thanks to CBG’s love for me, good friends and the voice of reason inside me. That voice gets battered every now and again, but is a whole lot louder than it used to be in the past. Overall I am much further ahead than I was once upon a time, but still have so much further to go.

Today, I feel hopeful and optimistic that I will one day get there.

6 Responses

  1. When you “get there,” could you please send me a road map? I’m lost back here, and I have no sense of direction.

    Of course, if the directions involve holding hands with CBG, that may not work as well for me as it does for you….

  2. You will get there cause you are made of WIN!

  3. Last night was just what I needed too! 🙂 And I’ve just written a very satisfying email to the person who was giving me grief yesterday – yay! And I got up at 6am and didn’t explode! Double yay!

  4. Yay Momma S! I can feel the spring in your step from here (Charlotte). Keep walking, running and skipping back up that hill – you WILL make it to the top.

  5. I wonder if you’re doing what I did last year…

    I went into a depression right around the time that Soldier and I had broken up the year prior. There was no indication that anything was going wrong with me and Rascal but I was convinced of so much ‘gloom and doom’ that I was only seeing bad stuff and reasons we wouldn’t last.

    I just caught up on your posts (sorry) and saw that you just passed the (un)anniversary…

    Just a thought.

    Glad you have friends to chill out with and be happy with! You deserve it!

  6. […] be dating, or realizing that you have made the right decision, or rebuilding your life , to finding perspective and happiness – it’s the edge of something good, great, frickin […]

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