Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi

Y’know, I can tell I’m getting older when I can look at a 48 year old man and think, “Damn. I’d totally tap that.”

Of course, I gotta say, I had no idea that 48 could actually look this good….

I’d go on, but dude, what does one say after that?

12 Responses

  1. yum…. drool…drool…

  2. Holy crap! Are you sure that second pic isn’t his head on a different body?

  3. WoW who knew 48 could look so good. That could make the Sugar Daddy even more appealing!

  4. Damn. Bon Jovi is HOT.

  5. I love him. I love his teeth, I love everything.
    As for the 48 year old man part, my man is 48 and I’m totally “tapping” that. (heh)

  6. ohh, how do I thank you for the eye candy Sunshine? Just the little pick me up I needed right before bed.


  7. Holy hotness Batgirl!

    Ok, I gotta go wipe the drool from my desk and get a towel for my chair.


  8. Whoa. Unfrickinbelievable.

  9. nossa esse homem é perfeitoo de mais amoo as musicas dele …

  10. Omg that is so sexy damn that’s all I got to say

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