Allowing Happiness

T’s comment on yesterday’s post really got me thinking. Specifically this part: “Its ok to get lost sometimes because we always have a chance to choose again.”

When I am struggling with the darkness, there are some things that I always manage to forget. I forget that happiness is a choice….and that I will be given many more chances to choose it again. Just because yesterday was a shit day doesn’t mean that today must automatically be the same. I can choose to look at the world a little differently. I can choose to see the positives. I can choose to accept love.

Every person on the planet has dark days now and then. Sure, some of us have a few more than others. But the difference between those who stay down and those who pick themselves back up is a simple matter of choice. I know this for certain. I have seen it at work in myself many, many times. Why do I keep forgetting that?

And so, today, despite the horrible week that I’ve had, I choose happiness. I choose love. I choose to say thank you for everything that I have been given and to let go of the things that have not yet found their way to me. I choose these things again. And will keep choosing them again, until they are mine forever.

7 Responses

  1. Sunshine, hugs and positive thoughts. Pippi

  2. Positivity is key. I need that reminder my self.

  3. And life has to have dark moments at times…..other wise we wouldn’t truly be living and taking risks .
    There is no such thing as a perfect life…and if there was I bet it would be boring 😉

  4. Awesome, glad to hear it. choosing happiness feels good, doesn’t it?

  5. When I’m having a rough day, I often turn to T’s posts… and it helps. I just finished writing a bit about how I’m doing my best to handle the dark moments. I really get this one, Mama.

  6. Have I told what a soul sister you are?


  7. I sooooo agree. Choice and attitude are such big part of the life you create for yourself.

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