The Perfect Morning

Yesterday I was given a magical gift from The Universe. I was given yet another lesson in how one’s perspective and attitude can make all the difference.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, we got rocked by a big snowstorm. I’m not sure how much fell – a foot of snow, maybe? But it was a pretty big storm. Schools were closed (which doesn’t happen often around these parts) and the police were asking people to stay off the roads if they didn’t absolutely have to be somewhere.

Since I’m a pedestrian, this didn’t apply to me. Unfortunately, the place that I’m working right now isn’t one of those places that closes down in bad weather…it was business as usual.

I got suited up for the walk to work, dreading it. I knew that people hadn’t even begun cleaning up yet, and I didn’t want to face the walk to work in the blowing snow, trudging through snowdrifts. I gritted my teeth and headed out the door. Cranky about having to go outside. Cranky about leaving early so I’d have plenty of time to get there. Cranky about every possible thing imaginable.

I stepped out of my apartment to discover that the sidewalk hadn’t been cleared. Typical. I muttered a complaint in my head, crammed in my earphones, cranked up the tunes and trudged along.

It wasn’t long before I had to actually give up on the sidewalks, and walk on the street, otherwise it would have simply been too difficult. The snow was deep and I was cranky.

And then, suddenly, I just stopped. I stopped in the middle of a snowdrift and turned off my music. I stood and observed everything around me. The way the morning light looked. The crisp, clean smell of the snow. The fact that it really wasn’t all that cold. The quiet sounds of the city, muffled by all the snow everywhere.

As I took all of this in…I smiled. I smiled at what I was being blessed with. Days like this don’t come along very often, and I knew I had a choice: to continue being cranky about it or drink it in, in all it’s glory.

I arrived at work, 30 minutes early, with a huge smile on my face, feeling like I was only one in the world who had been let in on a huge secret. I had gotten to experience the absolute perfect winter morning and it was likely that I was the only one in the entire city who saw it that way.

It really *is* all in how you look at things. Life is more beautiful than we give it credit for…with more opportunities to see beauty and joy than we can imagine.

Thank you, Universe. Yet again.

7 Responses

  1. I loved yesterday too – you weren’t the only one! 🙂 Good perspective though! And, hey, who doesn’t love the excuse to walk in the middle of the road?! Heh.

  2. Yesterday was a good day for me also. Everything clicked and the sun was shining. Have fun with CBG. You guys deserve a whole lot of loving this weekend!

  3. Wow girl. This made me cry tears of joy.

    I love it. Thank you for this gift.

  4. wow… beautiful! I love the mornings after it snows(or nights it its been snowing all morning/afternoon). It really is a beautiful secret.

  5. That sound amazing! I love a quiet early morning when everything is still and the snow makes it even better. Good for you for realizing that you had a choice–and then making it.

  6. Momma S, thank you for commenting on my post about my confession. That is something that I have been holding inside for awhile and it feels good to get it out.

  7. Had one of those moments myself two weeks ago – it was a rainbow that did it. The most beautiful one that I have ever seen. Huge, with a secondary almost as bright immediately above it.

    I was walking to work and every time I came to a junction, I could look to my left and see the end of the rainbow with its fabulous colours.

    It really lifted my day. Sometimes you have to just stop and smell the roses and say thank you 🙂

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