A Valentine for CBG

Dear CBG:

You and I don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day, and I’m perfectly okay with that. Honestly, with you, every time that we’re together feels better than any Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had, anyhow. You always manage to show me how loved and adored I am, and how completely crazy you are about me. You know exactly what I want to hear, and how I want to hear it. You always manage to make me melt with your sweet words, the look of love in your eyes, and your gentle touch.

It’s been more than a year since our very first kiss, and you still make me weak in the knees and positively breathless when you scoop me up and kiss me after we’ve been apart.

I am so completely grateful that somehow, in this enormous world, we managed to find one another. It boggles my mind sometimes, and just proves to me that things happen for a reason. Had we met at any other time in our lives, things wouldn’t have been the same. We were different people, in different circumstances. It was like we each had growing and learning to do before we could be ready for one another. That thought helps me to be at peace with everything that has come to pass in my life up until now; because I feel like all of the lessons I have learned, all of the hardships and heartache I’ve endured, have been making me ready for you. Because without all of those things in my life, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today – the woman who has learned from the past and who knows how to love  you exactly as you should be loved. A woman who is ready to be loved by you.

I know things aren’t always easy. You and I face some unique challenges that a lot of other couples don’t face. A decade ago – hell, even a couple of years ago – I wouldn’t have been strong enough to hang on through the difficulties. I have learned so much in the last few years, not only on my own, but thanks to you as well – about what I want in life, what true happiness really is and how to find it. Most of all, I have learned about the power of love – of our love – that I believe can move mountains.

Together, we can have it all. And I know that some day, we will.

Not being together this year on Valentine’s Day doesn’t feel like a hardship to me at all.  I’m able to see it for what it is: one single day in a lifetime of being together. When I look at it like that, I can simply smile and shrug and take a moment to think of all the wonderful moments we’ve shared in the past year…beautiful, spontaneous, loving moments, that make anything “contrived” on February 14th pale in comparison. And I know that the future holds many, many more.

I love you, CBG. More every single day than I did the day before. Thank you – for everything you do, everything you are, and for loving me exactly as I’ve always wanted to be loved.

8 Responses

  1. that is SO sweet. I love it!

  2. I’m all mushy after reading that. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and CBG. -Pippi

  3. Beautiful!! I love this. Congrats and happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Happy Valentines Day to you both!

  5. Aw… That made me smile real big.

    I love you two!

  6. Saw you over on T’s blog! sounds like you have found the real thing!:) so happy for you…

  7. That was beautiful. I can feel the love all the way over here, thousands of miles away.

  8. Hi, nice article, I also work in this field (love and relationship) and still learning.. thanks

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