Dumped! Right before Valentine’s, too.

Y’know, you males are real freakin’ pieces of work, I gotta say it.

I mean, really? Dumping a girl right before VALENTINE’S DAY? Out of the blue without any warning at all?

How does that work, exactly…one day everything is GREAT, the next day, it’s splitsville?

What’s up with that?

Someone needs a serious ass kicking.

And I don’t care if you’re only six years old, either.

* * * * *

So yeah. Kiddo got dumped by “The Imp” yesterday. We were walking home together last night and she said, “Well…[The Imp] doesn’t have a crush on me anymore.”

Apparently he approached her today and gave her the bad news. Overall, she seemed to be taking it pretty well.

A little further down the street she said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about this a lot today. I realized that I probably shouldn’t have been pushing him so hard.”


“What do you mean, honey?”

“I was just too crazy with all the love stuff. I’m going to back off and see if maybe he loosens up a bit.”

I swear, I have NO idea where this kid comes up with this stuff. She’s six going on thirty-five.

I told her that agreed with her decision to just give him some space and just wait and see what happens. I assured her that even if The Imp didn’t come around, that some day, she would find someone who felt exactly the same way about her as she did about him. Similar to the “plenty of fish in the sea” speech, but (hopefully) a little more sensitive.

All in all, she seems to be taking it pretty well. She put a little extra thought into choosing his Valentine for today, hoping that it might have some sort of magical effect on him and bring him around. I kinda suspect she might be expecting a little too much from a Spongebob card…but you never know with boys.

I still can’t figure you out sometimes.

8 Responses

  1. awww…. how cute… such a wise, old soul… and to be six years old and know a lot of crap and insights is unbelievable…

  2. So wise! But I feel really bad now – Alex told a dear friend on Tuesday that he doesn’t want to marry her after all. They’ve been planning it for over a month now and both of their excitement was insane! But apparently he decided he wants to marry ‘someone I don’t already know’. ??? Anyhow, she took it quite well, and they have decided to be best friends forever instead. (Their relationship will last longer that way anyhow!!)

    But anyhow, it was kind of right before the big 14th too! What is up with boys??? SHEESHH!

  3. Oh girl… this made me LOL!

    Poor baby girl… she’s so sweet and wise. Aw! Lessons learned early with that one, huh?


  4. It starts too early, doesn’t it? 🙂 She sounds … almost too smart for her age, Sunshine!

  5. Wow, we should all be so smart when it comes to boys. She sounds very wise.

  6. Boys are so mean. But she sounds very level-headed. I’m sure she can do much better. 🙂

  7. Wow that is just too funny. What a serious little one you’ve got there! Hope her heart heals quickly.

  8. awwwww…. poor kiddo! tell her i feel her pain. i seem to have a knack for managing a breakup within weeks (or even days) of valentine’s day.

    but it looks like she has it figured out already–if only i’d had the wisdom to “back off” when my fourth-grade crush gave five valentines to someone else and only one to me…

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