So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t have a television – by choice. Most of the time this is okay with me, I often hunt down what I want to see at a later date and watch it when I feel like it.

I do feel a little left out when it comes to things like last night’s Grammy Awards. I noticed in CBG’s tweet stream this morning one important tweet of note:

“OMG…#Pink looks phenomenal.”

Well, that certainly got *my* attention. I don’t think I’ve made it any secret that I have a HUGE girl-crush on Pink. So of course, I immediately hit youtube and found Pink’s performance from last night.

And all I have to say about it for now is….damn.

5 Responses

  1. i love pink! what an amazing performance!
    and WOW she was able to walk after all that spinning- impressive!

  2. Oh, I lover her too. Her and Fergie!

  3. I know. She was beautiful and so classy.

    Girl crushes are the best! 😉

  4. […] girl is hot. And I swear to you all, here and now, that Pink was on my list even before Sunday night’s Grammy performance. Though I gotta say, it certainly didn’t hurt matters any. Is it wrong that my man and I both […]

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