Some Things Never Change

I’ve mentioned before that my six year old, Kiddo, is in love. Big time.

Things are getting pretty hot and heavy, it would seem. Kiddo reports that she and The Imp sit together every day at “Mat Time”, and that they sit together in the lunch room most days.  I mean, damn, that’s the equivalent of going steady, isn’t it? If they were in high school he totally would have gotten to second base by now. At least. heh.

Yesterday, walking home, Kiddo was once again talking to me about The Imp. She observed that ever since admitting that he has a crush on her, he’s been acting a little more “silly” and “showing off” in class. She wondered why on earth he would do such a thing.

“Well, honey,” I explained, “boys sometimes show off like that to get a girl’s attention. And you know what? Grown up men do kind of the same thing, too. They seem to think we like it.”

She looked over at me and rolled her eyes with a giggle, shaking her head just a little bit.

“I know, it’s silly. He’s just doing it because he really likes you.”

The thing is, I know *exactly* how she feels….

5 Responses

  1. *Laugh* Dude. Best video EVER!!

    And Dad’s House wonders why I don’t call men men. 😉

  2. Ha!

    That is still so awesome.

  3. OMG! The PERFECT Friday post. I love it!

    Yeah, that’s my theme song, or my justification…

    Looks like a really good time.

  4. LOL. Yep! You know that all of us LOVE you, Sunshine, for capturing this on video! You so totally rock.

  5. Classic! I love it!

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