Mirror Image

I think I’ve written about this before – that CBG is like a mirror to me.

I don’t know how else to explain the connection that he and I have.  I’ve been in love before, and I know that what he and I share is more than just love. He and I are so similar on so many basic levels, that sometimes it feels as though we are the same person.

Cheesy, I know. But there it is anyhow.

It’s like looking in a mirror sometimes. I see myself – both my best and my worst – reflected back at me. I see the insecurities. When he hurts, I feel it, because I know exactly how he is feeling. As I see all of these things, I instinctively seem to know how to respond. I know how to build him up. I know what he needs to hear. Of course, he does the same with me. There have been so many times when he has been exactly what I needed at a particular time.

The thing I appreciate and love about us the most is that we truly do serve as a mirror image to one another – showing those weaknesses and flaws, without trying to move in and fix it for the other person. We simply show each other the truth.

It’s the same with the strengths. In his eyes I see reflected back to me a person who is stronger than they know. A person who is capable of great things. A person who needs to figure it out solo, with a partner’s hand to hold and loving words,  someone who is patiently waiting to share in the joy of those accomplishments.

It’s funny. Some days I feel like I’ve been finally let in on this big love secret. I mean, I’m not trying to minimize anything that I felt for my ex; we were, at one time, very much in love. And I was in love one other time, before him as well. But those experiences were never the same as this. I feel blessed right now – incredibly so. This is a feeling that I hope to never take for granted…because the more I feel this, the more I live it, the more I realize that this doesn’t come along every day.

As I look into the eyes of  my man I see all the love I feel for him reflected back at me, felt in exactly the same way. My mirror. And it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

5 Responses

  1. Sometimes I feel like we write from the same little places in our heart. Everything you’ve said in this post, I feel deep within me.

  2. I get it. Sometimes, that mirror is very telling, isn’t it? Good AND bad.

    But comforting and accepting all the same.

  3. You are truly blessed to be in such a relationship! Nothing better than being with someone whom you can “be” with.

  4. […] feelings of love, contentment and joy. It makes her smile when she sees it because it is like looking into a mirror — all the love she feels for him is being reflected back. Confirmation, yet again, that this […]

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