Self-Empowerment Through Writing

I’ve considered myself a writer since the ripe old age of about 11 or so. That’s when I started writing “novels” for my friends to pass around and read. Since then I’ve dabbled in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journalling and of course, in the last several years, blogging. I started blogging as a way to get me writing regularly, with the hope of actually eventually doing something with it.

Turns out I’m so busy blogging, that I don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to my “other writing”. But that’s okay. Blogging is extremely therapeutic for me. Without it, I’m not sure I would have been able to survive everything that I’ve faced in the last two years or so of my life.

Recently I was contacted by Leah Carey, telling me all about her writing program, WriteAway, which is based on the concept of using writing as a healing art. Uh…yeah. She got me at the “healing” part, for sure. **

Every day for 40 days, Leah will will post a writing prompt as a way to get participants writing – about their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences surrounding divorce. It can be for anyone in any stage of the divorce process.These prompts will be posted every morning on her site, Twitter, or her facebook group. It’s recommended that you spend about 20 minutes per day on the writing exercise.

On her site she also offers a support forum, since the writing process can often dig up lots of emotions.

The program begins on Wednesday, November 18th, and will continue for the next 40 days. I hope that any of you who are still processing any emotions surrounding your divorce will participate…I think that this could be a very useful tool.

** For those who may be wondering, no, I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for promoting this writing program. I was simply approached and asked if I was interested in promoting this site to my readers. When I found out what it was all about, I jumped all over this opportunity. I plan on participating, and will, at various points throughout the 40 days, randomly post here my own responses to the writing prompts.

2 Responses

  1. I think that sounds pretty cool, actually. Looking forward to seeing what the prompts are and reading your posts!

  2. It does sounds like a neat idea. My own blogging has been an amazingly transformative experience. It’s really helped me sort out my feelings over the last year or two.

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