Dear Lenny

Dear Lenny:

KravitzThis little note comes as a thank you for all those nights that thoughts and images of you have kept me warm and happy. We girls have needs that the men in our lives aren’t always able to fulfill, particularly when they don’t live in the same city and are sometimes struck down with strep throat when visits do occur.lenny_kravitz_02

So I must say to you – thank you. Thank you for your rock hard abs, your beautiful tattoos, your sexy smile, your tight ass, your piercing eyes.

Thank you for the sensuality that you simply ooze.

Because, while you are certainly no CBG, you will definitely do in a pinch…particularly when a gal is cold and lonely, and her man is a whole 267 kilometers away.


A desperate and lonely Momma_Sunshine

5 Responses

  1. Ohhhhh…nom nom nom….I had the pleasure of seeing this delicious creature in concert last year and I must say…Wow!! Not only is he a beautiful speciman, but a wonderful talent!! Thanks for this! *drool*

  2. AMEN TO THAT!!!!!

    Damn girl. Hells to the yeah!!

  3. And Dear Lord… I could watch that all day long.


    That body and that tongue.


    Thanks for the linky love too!

    • Yeah, T, that tongue gets me every time, too.

      Whew, girl, we’ve gotta get LAID!!!


      I’ve gotta wait another week + for my “fix”…..

      Enjoy your weekend!!! 😀

  4. Hell yes, I am definitely ready to get LAID! Rascal will be here in T minus 7 hours.

    You enjoy your weekend too! Mwah!

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