I’m Done.

I made an important decision today, one that is going to have a big impact on my relationship with CBG, and likely a big impact on my life in general.

I’m done.

I’m done whining. I’m done moaning. I’m done wailing and feeling sorry for myself. I’m done wishing for things to be different.

It’s time to accept this relationship for what it is. This is my reality – at least for now. Hopefully someday this will change, but in the meantime, I need to enjoy what I have. Period. The End.

No, the situation isn’t perfect…but who said I was looking was for perfection here, anyhow?

My little weekend ego temper tantrum caused CBG to be more than a little concerned. Was I re-thinking things? Was I going to suddenly decide that I couldn’t do this anymore?

No!!  No way.

The day I decide that I can’t do this anymore is the day I decide to find a way for us to be together full-time, period.

I’m in this thing. I lost him once…and I refuse to let that happen again. Not gonna happen. This is too important, too amazing. Life and love are too precious to squander.

This relationship is what it is.  And you know, for the most part, it’s pretty freakin’ great. So really, what do I have to whine about? I’ve got two beautiful daughters. I’ve got a pretty decent life that I am pulling together and shaping into everything that I ever wanted it to be. And I’ve got a man who loves me tremendously, and who is willing to endure hardships for us to be together.

I don’t need anything more than that right now.

So while I know that negative days will come again, I’m done dwelling on those feelings. I’m just done. And if I start up with the whining any time in the immediate future, you’ve all got permission to kick my ass.

Sometimes a virtual kick is just what a girl needs. 😉

15 Responses

  1. Bravo!!! xoxo

  2. The closest thing I have to a kick in the ass is the fact that you’ve got someone great and I’m still single. So….hmmm…..I guess I can threaten that if I hear you whining again about something I’d love to have (a great, strong, and caring relationship) then I’ll trek up to Canada and take him from you!!

    Then your whining will be solved and my 3+ years of singleness will be ended!!


    Glad to see this new side of you surfacing! You’re both lucky to have each other!

  3. To tell the truth I’ve been wanting to kick your ass for awhile but decided to let you whine yourself out..Glad it didn’t take too long. Accepting situations for the way they are is a big step toward finding peace in your life. You’re doing great!

  4. See, I think you can still whine…once in a while, anyway. Just don’t make it a habit. Also, gratitude is a great thing. I try to be grateful for something every day. That sounds cheesy but is true nonetheless.

    • For me, the whining just felt like it was getting to be a bit “much”. I think I need to focus more on accepting the situation for what it is, and being grateful for what I have (knowing full well that the whining will happen eventually…).

  5. You go girl! Now THAT’S the Momma Sunshine who lets the SUNSHINE in!!


  6. I am glad u have decided to dwell on the positive. Easier said than done I think, but I am sure your faithful followers will have no problem giving u a kick in the ass if it becomes necessary!

  7. Good for you. Sometimes it’s hard to see past the negative stuff, I can totally relate to that.

  8. “Life and love are too precious to squander.” The whole universe is laughing with you … and who dares to kick your ass at such a time as this.

  9. SOOO happy to hear that! Live in the moment, live in the love that surrounds you.

  10. […] hands. We smooched. We had a stranger offer to take our photo for us. These regular goodbyes are part of our reality, it’s something that we just have to learn to live […]

  11. […] I realize that I spend a lot of time whining about being in a long distance relationship. I’m working on it, I really am. I’ve been trying, quite hard this week, to remain positive about this situation. […]

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